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Things to do in the local region

Embark on an unforgettable journey to Home and Hound Kendenup—a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural gems. Nestled in the heart of the Great Southern, our enchanting destination promises a tapestry of experiences that captivate the soul.

Explore Beyond Expectations: Elevate Your Getaway with Our Exclusive List of Must-See Tourist Marvels!


  1. Historic Whaling Station: Dive into the region's maritime history with a visit to the last remaining whaling station in Australia.

  2. Princess Royal Fortress: Explore this military museum offering insight into Albany's role in the defense of Australia.

  3. Albany Wind Farm: Admire the impressive wind turbines and enjoy panoramic views of the Southern Ocean.

  4. Emu Point: A family-friendly destination with a playground, calm waters, and a coastal atmosphere.

  5. Torndirrup National Park: Discover natural wonders like The Gap and Natural Bridge, showcasing the raw power of the Southern Ocean.

  6. Eyre Park: This is Albany’s biggest and best public playground. Complete with big slides, great swings, flying fox, enclosed sandpits with digging tools, basketball courts, ladders and castles and all things that spin and make you dizzy! The park is equipped with BBQ facilities as well.

  7. Whale watching: From June to October, observe these gentle giants from Albany’s shores or hop on a whale-watching cruise and get up close.

  8. Albany is home to some very famous beaches, including the gap, the blowholes and the natural bridge: Famous beaches include:

  • Middleton beach

  • Emu point

  • Shelley beach

  • Little beach

  • Frenchman bay

  • Misery beach

Albany also has 14 dog exercise area's including Middleton beach.


  1. Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk: Walk among the treetops in the ancient tingle forest for a unique nature experience.

  2. Elephant Rocks and Greens Pool: Relax on pristine beaches surrounded by unique rock formations.

  3. Denmark Animal Farm & Pentland Alpaca Stud: A delightful farm experience for families with a variety of friendly animals.

  4. William Bay National Park: Explore secluded beaches, rocky headlands, and the famous Elephant Rocks.

  5. Denmark Arts Markets: Immerse yourself in local creativity at these vibrant markets featuring handmade crafts and artwork.


  1. Castle Rock: Hike to the summit for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

  2. Porongurup National Park: Discover diverse flora and fauna while exploring various walking trails.

  3. Ironwood Estate Wines: Experience award-winning wines in the heart of the Porongurup Range.

  4. Granite Skywalk: For the adventurous, embark on a hike culminating in a suspended platform with breathtaking views.

  5. Mount Barker Lookout: Enjoy a scenic drive to the Mount Barker Summit for expansive views of the region.

  6. Porongurup Range Wineries and distilleries: Discover local wines and enjoy cellar door tastings.


  1. Koikyennuruff: A unique sculpture park featuring indigenous artwork set within a natural bushland setting.

  2. Lake Nunijup: A picturesque freshwater lake offering birdwatching and peaceful surroundings.

  3. Stirling Range National Park: Explore the rugged beauty of the Stirling Ranges with numerous hiking trails.

  4. Bluff Knoll: Challenge yourself with a hike to the summit, the highest peak in the Stirling Ranges.

Frankland River:

  1. Frankland River Wildflower Walk: The wildflower walk begins at the end of Herbert Street in Frankland River, where you will find some interpretive signage as well as a great spot for a picnic.

  2. Ferngrove Wines: is one of the world’s most isolated wine estates. While this isolation makes the logistics of winemaking tough, it is also what makes Ferngrove wines distinctly different..

  3. Mount Frankland National Park: Hike to Mount Frankland for stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

  4. Lake Poorrarecup: a picturesque freshwater lake that offers a tranquil setting for activities such as birdwatching and picnics. (shuush, this one is a well guarded local secret)

  5. Alkoomi wines: ​Alkoomi Wines is one of WA’s largest family owned and operated wine producers

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